Tina Sumner



Tina Sumner was born in Dillonvale, a neighborhood located in Cincinnati's Deer Park suburb and a place Tina calls "Smalltown, USA." She grew up only a stone's throw from Dr. Fritz...they were in the same grades and attended the same schools from kindergarten through their senior years of high school, though they didn't know one another then. 

As a child, Tina, played in the woods near her home with her siblings and the other 100 neighborhood kids. They built forts and did other woodsy things. They played outside during the day, went home when they got hungry, and finally came in only when the street lights turned on.

And speaking of lights going on...other than the Kool-Aid stand in front of her family's home, Tina's very first job was selling light bulbs over the telephone. 

Tina grew up one of eight siblings, and when she or her siblings sign emails or notes to one another, they sign off using their birth-order number: Tina is "#6." 

Though she wasn't overly interested in school, Tina did love art class, and she still enjoys making things beautiful. A good deal of her creative energies are now directed toward her extensive flower and vegetable garden, her yard, and the Anderson Township home she shares with her husband, Jeffrey. They bought a small house on just shy of an acre, and they've spent many years renovating and expanding it to twice its original size. Tina calls it "homey." 

Tina and Jeffrey have two adult children. They also enjoy their one cat and their multiple great neighbors. On Sundays, they often cook for a sort of family and neighborhood open house where all are welcome.