Lorrie Butcher

Lorrie Butcher paid her own way through college on income and tip money earned from more than seven years of waiting tables at Perkins Pancake House. From high school, through college, and on weekends after she graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor's degree in Finance and Marketing, Lorrie served her Perkins customers their pancakes and refilled their coffee. But as grateful as she is to Perkins for teaching her that client service is of highest priority, she says that, sadly, she can no longer stomach the idea of eating pancakes. :)

And we're grateful to Perkins, too...because Perkins started Lorrie off on a long career of client service, experience that she has now directed toward patient care in Dr. Frtiz's office. 

Lorrie was born in Cincinnati but grew up in Mason, Ohio, where her parents found it less expensive to rear a growing family---Lorrie is the eldest of eight children. Lorrie attended St. Susanna school in Mason through the eighth grade, at which point her parents relocated their family to Pleasant Ridge and Lorrie attended Regina High School. She proceeded to University of Cincinnati where she earned her BA in business. 

After college, Lorrie managed and played on a co-ed softball team as a way to keep in touch with her UC friends after graduation. And when their right fielder and shortstop eventually divorced, the team hung onto the right fielder and replaced the shortstop with Jack Butcher.  Following a couple of seasons, Jack finally asked Lorrie on their first date...to watch him play in a softball tournament. Three years later, they married, and now Lorrie is stepmother to two sets of twins boys and mother to a daughter. 

Lorrie and Jack own Madison Tree Care and Landscaping, Inc. They live on Roundbottom Road at the site of their business where they also tend a large vegetable garden, a raspberry and blackberry patch, a formal English garden, a pond, and where Jack's nightly mows his sod "Field of Dreams." 

In addition to tending their business and their garden, Lorrie and Jack tend to their physical fitness. They work out together several times each week at the Cincinnati Sports Mall, and Lorrie walks 3-4 miles on alternate days. They've just returned from a 10-day sailing trip through the Windward Islands with friends, and now they've got their sights set on a trip to Italy to so they can enjoy Italian food and where Lorrie can fulfill her long-held desire to visit the Vatican. When they're not tending to all that needs care, they root for The Ohio State University where they attend games each season and where they continue to pay a lot in tuition.