Affordable Care Act

Repeal and Replace?

The current version of legislation just passed by the House to replace the Affordable Care Act relegates those with pre-existing conditions to high-risk pools. This means that when you become sick or injured you will no longer be guaranteed medical insurance. Your state (specifically, whoever is in control of your state at any given time) will determine your fate---which and how much of your medical expenses to cover and how much to charge you for the insurance that may or may not cover your no-fault-of-your-own illness or injury. Read more »

Some Politics to Start the New Year


Well it's been almost six months since I've posted anything. I just couldn't. But it is January 1 and the beginning of a new year so I'm getting back on the horse. My parents wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I agree. So with mom and dad always in my heart and mind, I'll begin again.

I guess politics is as good a place to start as anywhere. Controversial, yes, but generally not boring. So here we go.

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